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YMEJ 2012-2013

Youth, Media, and Educational Justice (YMEJ) Seminar 2012-2013

The inaugural offering of this course was offered at Teachers College Columbia University between the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 as a yearlong seminar that aims to provide 1) an interdisciplinary approach to three areas of study as they intersect in the lives of court-involved adolescents: youth, media, and educational justice; and 2) incorporate a mentoring experience that will involve both graduate students from Teachers College and youth participants whom they mentor. Graduate Students participate in an application process to be admitted into the course that involved both a written and interview component. By doing so, we recruited graduate students who came to this experience with open eyes and open hearts and who aimed to work “with,” rather than work “on,” the young people  involved with this experience.

To view the 2012-13 course website (public), please click here.

2012-2013 Guest speakers:

Prof. Suzanne Carothers (NYU)
Prof. Lori Custodero (Teachers College)
Ana Dopazo (Choices – ATD)
Prof. Olga Hubard (Teachers College)
Prof. John L. Jackson (Penn)
Prof. Stephanie Jones (UGA)
Derek Koen (Beyond the Bricks)
Joshua Laub (NYC DOE)
Judge Edwina Richardson-Mendelson
Ouida Washington (Beyond the Bricks)
Prof. Michael Wilson (Teachers College)

Graduate Student Mentors:

[to be listed here]

Youth Fellows:

[to be listed here]

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