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Choices Alternative to Detention Program

A program for young people that are facing juvenile detention while their cases are pending in Family Court. The program is designed to avoid the disruption that arises when young people are taken out of their school and placed in detention, away from their family and support networks.

Good Shepherd Services

A leading youth development, education and family service agency that serves over 27,000 program participants a year. They give vulnerable youth in New York City the opportunity to take ownership of their future, making a difference today and for the next generation.

Justice Initiative at Columbia University

The Justice Initiative at Columbia University is committed to reducing the nation’s reliance on incarceration through education, research and policy. Its mission is to help transform a criminal justice system from one that is driven by punishment and retribution to one that is centered on prevention and healing. The Initiative is interdisciplinary and built around community collaboration. It works in partnership with schools, departments, centers and institutes across Columbia, other universities, government agencies, community organizations, advocates and those directly affected by the criminal justice system.

Reimagining Futures

The Reimagining Futures Digital Arts & Literacies Project builds on successful multimedia and narrative practices to engage adolescents as proficient users of multimedia tools and practices as they learn to weave together traditional and media literacy skills. The goal is to find ways to build on the knowledge and existing literacies of the adolescents with whom we work while providing opportunities for them to develop digital proficiencies that are crucial for meaningful citizenship and academic achievement in the current educational climate.

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Txtconnect  t[=]x

A free text line for court-involved youth in New York City whose mission is to establish a mobile and social communication platform of critical connection that will serve the educational, vocational, referral, and intervention needs of court-involved youth in New York City.

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