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Educational Justice — online video resources

The Global Action Project (G.A.P.) has a rich history of pursuing and advocating for effective social change through innovative uses of media. In preparing for Year 2 of our YMEJ Seminar, we found a collection of videos that G.A.P. has listed under the category of Educational Justice. Perfect, right? The videos (short flims, PSAs) address educational issues related to:

  • undocumented students
  • youths’ legal rights
  • homophobia and violence
  • the school to prison pipeline

This one in particular caught our eye:

This video questions why people leave school or fail to graduate. Rather than focusing on the more commonly held idea of “drop outs,” the video examines the trends of push-outs, and the many ways that young people feel discouraged by the educational system. Interviewing educational researchers, students, and each other, we try to present the stories behind the statistics. – See more at: http://global-action.org/video/set#sthash.9eM2qbfj.dpuf

Here are a couple of other online video repositories that include short films in a variety of formats that take up issues of social change and education in a wide embrace:

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