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Retro: Paint Me Like I Am

Re-blogged from last year’s YMEJ cohort — the connection between cultural responsiveness in teaching and research and the pursuit of educational justice (with a little Nikki Giovanni for good measure). 

(And another connection to arts and justice, akin to this post with the same name by Kelly Gavin Zuckerman from earlier this semester.)

The Youth and Mentoring Collaborative

Nikki Giovanni requests, “Paint me like I am.” I am reminded of the words of this poem as I continue to work on my final publication and present the participants of this inquiry as they are; as they would like to be known.

When I think about culturally responsive research, I think about the work I’m doing in this course. In addition to thinking about youth, media, and educational justice and the interconnections between, this project has invited me to think about what I’m learning from the participants and ways I can contribute something back in honor of them.

As a result of looking at and listening to the ideas the participants several questions are raised that are driving my work.  What narratives are emerging? How do these narratives play out differently among the different participants?  How am I reading narratives across the ideas of the participants? How am I…

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